Site Plan

Dairy Farm Residences site plan

At Dairy Farm Residences, residents can take advantage of a variety of contemporary amenities created to improve their quality of life and meet their demands for fitness, social interaction, and recreation. Residents can visit the Entertainment Suite & Clubhouse for family fun and the get in addition to using the swimming pools, tennis court, and gym for fitness. A calm garden and themed pavilions with ample room are also provided for people to unwind in.

Dairy Farm Residences Amenities 

In the center of Dairy Farm Road, there is a mix development called Dairy Farm Residences that includes a retail and shop component. According to the site plan, there is a full-size swimming pool where you may go for a leisurely swim or teach your kids to swim at your house. A full-featured gym with indoor training is available anytime the owners are available in addition to the amenities listed in the site plan. For your children to enjoy some outdoor playtime in the comfort of their own home, Dairy Farm Residences also has a playground.

Residents at Dairy Farm may anticipate access to a wide variety of first-rate indoor and outdoor facilities. This consists of a swimming pool, a gym, and other shared amenities to accommodate various lifestyles and family recreation requirements.