Dairy Farm Residences Developer

Singaporean real estate developer United Engineer. United Engineer Limited, also known as UEL, was one of the pioneering businesses in Singapore that contributed to the island nation’s physical and economic development. It was established in 1912 together with other groups of enterprises. The former Singapore Supreme Court, Cavenagh Bridge, OCBC Center, and the British High Commission are a few examples. ranked as the 11th-oldest company in Singapore and is still operating today.

Developer Track Record

United Engineer History in Singapore

The quality of the establishment United Engineer Limited built, which is still flawlessly standing now, is one of the reasons why the company is still at its finest. In the past, United Engineers Limited imported, provided, and manufactured a variety of building materials. However, because most buildings were destroyed during World War II, they focused on building and repairing ships as a way to revive the business. They received continuous contracts and developments while it was being rebuilt and restored. The business made numerous advancements and rose to the top of the engineering field.


Breakthroughs for United Engineer Limited

Being the first business to use light-gauge steel for roofing material as well as the Space Deck structural system was one of the Group’s innovations. With these incredible accomplishments, the Group has been able to innovate and grow its various business sectors, including real estate and construction, trading, property management, and environmental engineering. Eight River Suites, Orchard Gateway, UE BizHub EAST, UE BizHub CITY, UE BizHub TOWER, UE BizHub WEST, shopping centers, hotels, and other institutions thereto are examples of outstanding structures built in the real estate industry in the present. This will be a landmark development with its most recent project, the mixed-use Dairy Farm Residences United Engineer. Dairy Farm Residences, the newest construction, is situated on Petir Road.

Organizations that focus solely on growth and development have more reasons to be recognized in the market than companies that experience no growth at all. Despite its competence, United Engineer Limited continues to work on projects that include offices, residences, conference centers, and systems for broadcasting and communications. Despite being one of the oldest, the business is open to progress and expansion, which is one of their pillars for continuing to strive for years to come.

Quality in United Engineer Limited Construction

Then comes its quality. Anybody would understand that United Engineer Limited is one of the most dependable real estate developers ever because it provides the finest of the best supplies for construction and also understands the needs of each sector. And it would affect how well-liked the Company is in Singapore and elsewhere. However, despite suffering loss and pain, the company continued to create, expand, innovate, re-establish its course, and stand with the other pioneering businesses in Singapore.

A sector for transportation and automobiles was also established by United Engineer Limited Dairy Farm Residences, providing to many well-known consumers their needs. The Group kept expanding, focusing especially on real estate development, winning honors along the way. 

Additionally, the business is now accepting additional investors to create brand-new asset management and real estate development sectors for future expansion.